Straight talk out of love.

Can I offer some straight talk out of love?

If you’re broke, do something about it.

Quit making excuses for it.

Quit acting like it’s okay or acceptable to be a grown adult who can’t pay their bills.

Quit acting like it’s not a serious problem just because a few million OTHER people are having the same experience.

It’s not okay.

Here’s why: everyone has X amount of time, energy and creativity to use every day.

When you’re broke….you spend ALL your time, energy and creativity trying to figure out how to rob Peter so you can pay Paul.

You spend ALL your time, energy and creativity playing games like “How can I keep my electricity and phone on at the same time?”  “How can I pay my car payment and still get my daughter something for her birthday this week?”

Result: you are SPENT. You give 100% of your time, effort and energy to satisfy your own needs.

If all you ever do is focus on your own needs… are you supposed to ever be a contribution to anyone else?

Your creativity is not meant to be spent 100% on trying to meet your own needs. There are other people, other organizations and other projects that desperately need your time, effort and energy…..

….and they aren’t getting it because you’re so busy being broke that there’s nothing left.

Another way to say it is this: being broke is one of the most selfish things you can do.

Please understand….I’m not criticizing you as a person.

You may be a good husband, good father, good wife, good mother, good church member, good community member, good teacher, good brother, good sister, good friend, etc.

I’m not saying anything about you as a human being.

I’m just talking about what being BROKE does to anyone (good or not).

If you are a grown adult who’s BROKE… can never be the BEST you can be at any of those things. Because you spend all your time, energy and creativity putting out financial fires.

Stop it.

Fix it.

Do something about it.

Poverty is a dirty, degrading, humiliating disease that is 100% curable and preventable.

It’s not okay for you to be a grown adult who can’t pay his bills.

The sooner you admit that and decide to do something about it — ANYTHING about it — the sooner you can start giving the gift of your time, energy and creativity to others.

They need it.  They need you.

Fix your finances and start being a contribution to the people who need you.

Thanks for reading this far. I appreciate you and I hope you understand this is coming from love….and from my own journey from “broke and selfish” to “prosperous and contributing”.

This message was sent to me from Tony Rush

P.S. The purpose of this message is not to to “sell” you something.

At the same time, I’d genuinely feel GUILTY if I had something that would help you get out of your situation and didn’t tell you about it.

Here’s how I went from ZERO income to paying my bills and enjoying the GoodLife.

After watching the short 22 minute video, contact me for more information and to get started at


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For the past several years I have been in search of the perfect vacation. I have traveled a bit with the military, but that is not exactly what I call a vacation. My wife and I have been together for more than 3 decades and enjoy traveling and meeting new people in their environments. This allows us to expand our circle of friends. Question is, where do we go next?
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  1. saniikyle says:

    Nice….really liked reading it……quite effectively expressed…….😊😊😊😊

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