Turn Your Car Into a Rolling College

Back in high school you would have a hard time finding me with a book in my hand.  Now days I find myself gravitating towards the books at any store I find myself in.  The real books are my preference, not the electronic type.  Course the Kendall does have its usefulness, but I still like the hard cover and the smell that comes with it.  The one main problem with reading a book is you have to give it your attention and that is hard to do when you are driving.

Audio Books

Like most people I have become accustomed to having the radio on in the car.  Listening to music, talk or the local sports stations just help the time go by easier during your commute to where ever it is I’m are going.  Problem is that I can only handle just so many repeats of the same song in one day; much less in the same week.

Introducing audio books.  If you have not visited your library in a while, it is high time that you do.  The one close to our house is loaded with books on CD (westerns, murder mystery, documentaries, self help and much more (now I sound like I’m trying to sell something).

Seriously, why not get yourself an audio book or two and learn something new?  Who do you have an interest in that is now a historical figure?  What about listening to the Bible on CDs?   There are some Bible productions that are made with several different people reading and it is WELL worth your time to listen.  As Max Luciano is known for saying, “Listen to the Bible, It’s great for the soul.”

Smart Phones

Those of us that have smart phones can plug them into most newer car radios now and play something on YouTube.  Just the other day I listened to a recording of Og Mandino, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”   I know that it is over two hours of listening time, but as I said earlier it helps the time go by quicker and I am learning something useful along the way.

Now I must admit, there are times when I just need to relax and have a good laugh before I turn in at nite and when the reflection in the mirror won’t work I try to find something on YouTube.

Hint: Don’t listen to this while driving.

Whatever it is you do for a living you can always use a little improvement.  I suggest people start with Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.   Just remember that God created you with two ears and one mouth, use them accordingly.  In other words, shut up and listen.  You just might learn something.  I think my next book will be “The Magic of Thinking Big

If you enjoyed these ideas, come and join me in enjoying the GoodLife USA.


About NetworkingMentor

For the past several years I have been in search of the perfect vacation. I have traveled a bit with the military, but that is not exactly what I call a vacation. My wife and I have been together for more than 3 decades and enjoy traveling and meeting new people in their environments. This allows us to expand our circle of friends. Question is, where do we go next?
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